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Please tell us your closing thoughts on this V-Strom project.

My top priority is building a fun-to-ride machine. As a rider, you can enjoy active riding on the winding roads, while you can still enjoy a comfortable ride on the autobahn. My second priority is weight saving. Light weight is always a good thing in a motorcycle. Especially for a shorter person like myself, light weight means a lot to the handling of a motorcycle.

Before this project, my motorcycle preference was to enjoy sport riding on a closed track. I enjoyed touring alongside track riding, but my priority was always performance and sportiness. However, after my riding experiences on the grand and majestic roads of the Alps, my motorcycle life and way of thinking have been broadened. I fell in love with adventure touring bikes; I worked hard to build my dream bike.

What kind of riders do you want to experience this bike?

For demanding riders like myself, who love sport riding but also want their motorcycle to provide comfort and function as touring bike, I want them to enjoy the world of V-Strom from daily commuting to long distance touring. I believe you will like it!

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