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What are your final thoughts on this V-Strom development project?

Considering its touring capability and the V-Strom’s identity, I have a key phrase for the engine development, which is “Wide range power”.
In my opinion, a V-twin powered touring bike should have a fun-to-ride, sporty character so that the rider can take full advantage of its nimble handling and the lightweight, compact package to enjoy spirited riding on winding roads. To achieve this character, we need to build an engine which has a broad spread of power.
Of course, a comfortable cruising experience is an important factor. However, in my opinion the V-Strom should be considered as an on-road oriented sport adventure touring machine. This engine produces maximum torque at just 4,000rpm which tells you it has wide-range power.
There may be questions on why we didn’t go up to 1100cc or 1200cc, but increasing capacity also produces a bigger, heavier motorcycle which would have prevented us from achieving our targeted character. Our focus is on real-world performance rather than a number shown on a spec sheet. Because we think that is much more relevant to you in your daily riding.

Engine test and inspection

What kind of riders do you want to experience this bike?

Experienced riders who are young at heart but who understand what is essentially important from their motorcycle. Riders who are seeking substance over specification numbers or vanity.
I would like as many riders to take a test ride as possible. When they take a test ride, they will understand why we believe the 1000cc class V-twin is the best for real world adventure touring.

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