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What did you pay attention to when developing the new V-Strom?

This model has the tradition of Suzuki Sports bikes. For example, the brake caliper is adopted from the GSX-R series and the seat skin adopted from the RM-Z, motocross bikes. However, the important things are the invisible details you cannot find simply by looking. When you ride it for the first time, you will instantly appreciate how easy it is to handle. For example, the performance of the Hayabusa and GSX-R are incredible. But, they are also very friendly in low speed and when riding in town.

We can realise this feeling as we have the philosophy to build our bikes through our customer’s eyes. And hearts. The styling may be different from the Hayabusa’s and the GSX-R’s. But, the attitude and passion to develop them are same. Light chassis. Easy engine control. Neutral handling. You can talk with the machine and feel our philosophy as soon as you start the engine and start riding. That’s the reason why this machine has the tradition of Suzuki Sports bikes.

What customer do you want to ride? How do you want them to ride?

I saw many V-Strom 1000 riders when I visited Europe on a business trip. I was very happy to see that they still enjoy and cherish their bikes after many miles. I hope they will choose our new V-Strom for their next bike and benefit from the great evolution in performance. I will be very happy to see them enjoying their new V-Strom 1000 for many more miles.

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