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Through testing prototype, what do you think the advantages of new V-Strom 1000 ABS?

The new V-Strom is considerably lighter than any other model in the segment of large enduros over 1000 cc and that is immediately noticeable! Top handling, easy to ride, precise and neutral steering behaviour. I would also like to emphasise the excellent suspension which completely covers the wide range from comfort to sporty riding. The brakes are first class and the traction control works really well.

What is your impression of new engine character and traction control system

I’m really impressed to which level our engineers developed this engine, which even before was known as cultivated and powerful. Torque is substantially higher in the rpm ranges which really count on the road: low and mid. Throttle response is superb and the new traction control works fine on a high level.

What is your impression of the V-Strom project and project members? Does communication goes well?

Most of the engineers and test riders from Europe and Japan have been working together for many years. The engineers do exactly understand our feedback and use it to further improve the bike. The whole team works highly professional and was engaged with immense passion and commitment.

What kind of users do you want to ride, how to let them ride?

The new V-Strom 1000 ABS is a motorcycle which is remarkably easy to ride, with a sporty look, great versatility, easy to use – for everyday, at the weekend and on journeys and it’s just perfect in almost every aspect. Every passionate motorcycle rider will feel at home on it straightaway. It’s a must to ride the new V-Strom.

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