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Can you tell us about the product concept and development process?

We are pleased to say that the V-Strom 650 receives good reputation all over the world. The concept of the V-Strom 650 is “Comfortable, Versatile and Fun to ride touring machine”.
Although the product concept of the new V-Strom 1000 model is extension of the 650’s concept, we have advanced the idea further to “Best sized Adventure Tourer for fun and comfortable touring”.
We aimed to build a bike which has ample power and the effortless performance of a big capacity bike. On the other hand the rider can enjoy a comfortable ride with great maneuverability.

Did you conduct a survey in Europe? Can you tell us about that?

We undertook a survey in Europe. Through the survey, we learned that the customers of this type of motorcycle are experienced riders, 40 and up, who have plenty of knowledge and experience of motorcycling, as well as great riding skill. Our survey team conducted 1 week of long trips across Europe, and we felt the road conditions and surroundings from the rider’s point of view. After that we had conversations with local riders and dealers. We learned that customers use their bikes on a daily basis from every day commuting to full month long touring. It was a great opportunity for our development team to understand the usage and road conditions from a rider’s point of view.  Development has gone smoothly and positively thanks to that riding experience in Europe.

Pictures from survey in Europe.

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