Interview Built with passion, determination and Suzuki heritage.

Please briefly tell us about yourself and your position in the project.


Clay model

I joined Suzuki as a styling designer in 2003. I was in charge of designing ATVs like the LT-Z, and our off road bikes. After that, I worked as a project member for the GSX-R series and GSR series.
For the V-Strom project, I am responsible for all design works as the main designer of the V-Strom 1000. I drew all of the sketches from the initial survey through to the final design sketch, and I was also involved in producing the clay model.
In my private motorcycle life, I have owned off road bikes and SuperMotards.


Can you tell us about the product concept and development process?

I cannot talk in too much detail about the development process, but we spent a considerable amount of time on this project. I visited Europe many times for the survey and I drew thousands of sketches. The customers of this type of motorcycle are experienced riders who have plenty of knowledge and experience of motorcycling. We have had many internal discussions on how to appeal to these customers. After that, we set the overall styling design concept as “Wild and Smart”. Through which we looked to express qualities such as tough, functional, and agile with a spirit of adventure.


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