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Can you tell us about the areas you focused on for comfortable touring?

Adventure touring bikes are fun and easy once you are moving. However, this category of bike can be big, bulky and intimidating before you ride away. We feel that this size and weight can compromise these bikes in city riding or on twisty roads. In my opinion, this is the weak point of large capacity adventure touring bikes. On the new V-Strom 1000, we have worked on solving this problem so that a wider range of riders can enjoy the fun of adventure touring.

To achieve the target, the first thing we worked on was a “weight reduction effort.” Our development team worked hard on shaving weight from wherever possible. As a result of these efforts, we have increased ease of maneuverability, made it easier to lift from the side-stand, and improved cornering performance with more nimble handling. To achieve easy foot down control, we paid attention to the seat height and seat shape. Thanks to this and the slim V-Twin engine design, reaching the floor is much easier.

To enjoy long distance riding, versatility is required to deal with changeable road and weather conditions during a long tour. Alongside the weight reduction, we have enhanced handling stability by extending the wheelbase and increasing the frame rigidity. The 19-inch front wheel also enables an optimal balance between stability and agility.

ABS is standard equipment, and the front brake calipers are the same radial mount monoblock calipers as those used on 2011 GSX-R1000.

In addition, a traction control system is included which is a first for a production Suzuki.

As for the suspension, we have equipped new inverted front forks for greater stability and comfort.

We also refined the riding position to achieve a more comfortable and controllable ride.

Where was the focus on developing the engine character?

A V-Twin produces a unique exhaust sound and feel under acceleration and we focused on enhancing this character. Although the engine is based on the original V-Strom 1000, the internal parts have been thoroughly redesigned and refined to increase low-to-mid range controllability and acceleration performance. At this time, I can’t reveal all the details of the changes and improvements, but I encourage V-Strom customers to try a test ride and feel the difference.

Can you tell us about the luggage?

Full three-piece luggage (side and top cases), is a very important feature, as most adventure touring riders use them on a daily basis. I also use 3 cases on my V-Strom 650.

During the new V-Strom 1000 project, we put a big priority on development of the 3 bags. We started working on their development at a very early stage of the project to match the overall styling design of the model.

Also for the side cases, we made great efforts to reducing the width so that their influence on stability and handling is minimal.

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